Thursday, December 14

The Cure For The Poison of Position

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Having a position of leadership means power and, because the old saying goes, “absolute power corrupts absolutely!”

I’ve been in church buildings where, when the position of worship leader has come up, there was nothing in need of a war between potential candidates to acquire that place! It feels a bit like being within the company world, where it is “dog eats canine” on the company ladder, when the last man standing will achieve the place, regardless of his talents or his genuineness of heart. Brothers and sisters, this must not be in the church!

If you have been appointed to the position of worship leader, then it is advisable to acknowledge that it’s a position of accountability and arduous work, not a way of making others do your bidding. As Jesus pointed out in Mark 10:45, our future as leaders is to serve, to not be served. Although the place may have its benefits, we need to give attention to what is correct and proper.

So the antidote to poison of position is the standard serving coronary heart of the leader. By no means ask your group members to do one thing that you would not do yourself, and never publicly name them down in entrance of different members of the crew, no matter their behaviour or their attitude. You should never use your place to your individual ends, however use it to advertise a spirit of unity and blessing inside your group, and a sense of worship throughout your group and your congregation.


The reality of the position of Worship Leader is that it’s a whole lot of onerous work! I concentrate on this aspect, quite than the exalted place, because it assist to be an antidote to the poison. So being the worship leader means late nights, early Sunday begins, not sitting with my spouse during a part of the service and being accountable for each mistake! It means petrol to get to and from observe, lengthy hours being affected person with those that don’t fairly get it, and additional effort and time spent in getting ready for and leading the worship.

The actual payoff is seeing individuals worshipping deeply, and understanding the Lord has used little previous me to get there. It is humbling to suppose that He would select me for this, but I am glad He did! It makes all the exhausting work value it, and this angle helps to keep my coronary heart mumble earlier than the Lord, and immune from the poison of place!


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