Sunday, December 17

Plan a Scavenger Hunt

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First of all, determine your attendees age category.  This plan can be used with adults or older teens who are old enough to travel about town on their own.

Send out invitations and make sure you get everyone to RSVP.  Knowing approximately how many guests will be very important.

Choose one or two people to be the judge(s) and of course the person throwing the party will be the host.  Split the rest of the guests into groups of 2 to 4 people.

Make a list of things for people to spot.  The list could include a not so popular statue or plaque around town, a road sign, a police officer with a mustache, etc.  Use your imagination, even bumper stickers will work.  For example:  A picture of an “I Love ……..Bumper Sticker”, or “My Child is an Honor Student at ………”.  Test your list to see how long it takes you to find everything.  Assign points to each item on your list.

Once the groups begin to return, the host will collect the camera and deliver it to the judges.  You can also give bonus points for groups that arrive early and subtract points for groups that return late. Have snacks and drinks ready for everyone to munch on while the judges review the pictures.  If you would like to keep the guests involved, you could have a big screen tv connected, and do a slide slow with each groups’ pictures.

Prizes can be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, but the main thing is that everyone has lots of fun!


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