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Just Cause 2 on Xbox 360 Review: Causing Chaos For Fun And Profit

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If you enjoy blowing things up and causing lots of chaos, then Just Cause 2 on Xbox 360 is the game for you. Causing chaos is actually an integral part of the game: the more stuff you blow up, the more missions and weapons you unlock.

Graphics And Sound

The game world is very large, and looks fantastic. The large assortment of weapons and vehicles look and sound great, as do the many explosions you will cause as you play. There is really only one bad part about the sound in the game, and that is the horrendously bad voice-overs for most of the characters. They really stick out like a sore thumb because everything else is so well done.


The basic gameplay is similar to the Grand Theft Auto series. You can choose to do the missions to advance in the game, or you can choose to run around causing mayhem and destruction. What sets Just Cause 2 apart are the Grappling Hook and Parachute your character has. It takes a little while to learn how to use them effectively, but once you do, you can pull off all kinds of creative stunts.

Fun Factor

Just Cause 2 is a blast to play if you enjoy the open world/sandbox type of games. The freedom to do all sorts of crazy stunts and to blow up tons of stuff is one of the game’s biggest selling points.

Replay Value

Just Cause 2 has plenty of replay value, as there are many things to unlock and tons of stuff to find. If you plan on trying for 100% completion, you can expect to spend well over 70 hours trying to do every little thing. Even if you don’t care about 100% completion, you can still have many hours of fun setting up and executing fantastic stunts.

Rent Or Buy?

If you really enjoy the Grand Theft Auto type of games, you should definitely buy Just Cause 2. It will provide you many hours of fun and will be well worth the money. Even if you don’t love the Grand Theft Auto type of games, it is still worth at least a rental if you enjoy action or shooter games.

Overall Score – 88 out of 100

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