Tuesday, December 12

Zodiac Signs Leo Good Bad Traits

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Those born under the Leo zodiac sign are much like the mighty lion. They enjoy being the center of attention and they demand respect from all those around them. The Leo zodiac sign has excellent and sometimes extravagant taste which you might see in the clothing they wear, their home, or the car they drive. So, this is what most see on the surface. Leo’s like other astrology signs have both their good and bad traits. Let’s take a closer look.

Leo Good Traits – Leo is a born leader and would do well in any business endeavor. They make great heads of corporations. They make excellent political leaders or heads of state. Leo’s are very charming and charismatic which attracts many admirers and followers throughout their life. And like the lion, Leo has a certain air of dignity and grace about them. They are also very passionate, full of self confidence, and very active individuals. Many might be surprised by how warm hearted, loving, and generous Leo’s are to those who are close to them. But, this is just another one of their good traits.

Leo Bad Traits – The flip side of Leo the Lion zodiac sign is quite confounding, they are so proud, vain, and arrogant that it upsets all their relationships and frightens many people away. The bad traits also include a self centered and absorbed individual who must have their way. Their self-important and power seeking personality is too overwhelming for many people. Add to this a snobbish, narcissistic nature. Of course, these very strong and somewhat negative personality traits propel the Leo to success in the high powered business and political arena, they interfere with close or personal relationships.


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