Monday, December 11

Danny Demichele Flikr: a Ceo's Photostream

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Danny DeMichele has posted his own photostream on Flickr, perhaps the BEST site for sharing photos online.

The first photograph that appears on the page features an improvised “office” for eVisibility in Orlando, Florida. In what appears to be a hotel room, or someone’s unusually well-kept home, we see three men busily at work on their lap taps. Two of the men are seated in chairs, and one man is seated on a partially made bed. The image is slightly fuzzy, and I am unsure whether Danny DeMichele is one of the three men in the photograph, or is perhaps the camera man. However, I think I do spy a box of pizza and a large can of protein powder resting on the bed.

The second photograph, seen to the immediate right of the first, is my personal favorite. This photo features Danny DeMichele and his young son, Lucas. Lucas’ age is not disclosed, but he appears to be about three years old, and is tucked under his father’s right arm. There is a family resemblance in their eyes, and perhaps more will appear as Lucas grows older.

The third photo (seen in the next row down, to the left) shows Danny DeMichele firing at a shooting range in Dallas, Texas. My personal knowledge of firearms is limited, but I suppose the gun to be a type of rifle. The paper target posted for Danny displays a blue silouhette of a man.

The following eight photographs feature Danny DeMichele and friends, or colleagues, surfing. The photos were shot in 2009 and are all labeled “Think Tank”. Whether “Think Tank” refers to a competition, a surf class, or something else entirely, I cannot say. But in any case, it is evident that Danny is an accomplished surfer. You will find him wearing white trunks, balanced atop a green board, while a wave breaks just behind him.

The final photograph featured at the bottom of the page features Danny DeMichele in formal attire, and reveals that he is the CEO of eVisibility, an online marketing agency.

Mike Shah

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