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New Jersey Design Schools: Wherever You Go, You’re Still Close to Manhattan

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The heart of the design scene may be New York City, but the place it goes to catch a breather is definitely New Jersey. If you’re looking for a design school experience that’s close, but not too close, a program option in New Jersey may be exactly what you need. There are quite a few excellent schools to choose from in the state of New Jersey, but before you make your final decision, you’ll want to know which schools are at the top of the heap and how much it will cost you to attend one of them. Once you get going, no one will be able to stop you from breaking into the New York art world – because if you live in New Jersey, you’re just a quick train ride away.

Where are some of the best design schools in New Jersey?

There are lots of great options to choose from in the state of New Jersey, which has 33 public institutions and 27 private institutions for you to pick from. Over 337,874 students are enrolled in educational programs across the state, about 17,500 of whom are in design school programs. By joining a design school program in New Jersey, you’re also joining a rich, extensive community of people with interests similar to your own. Some of the top design schools in New Jersey include Kean University and New Jersey City University, both of which are accredited (Kean by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design and New Jersey City by the Council for Interior Design). These are two great options for anybody looking to pursue a career in any of the multiple design- related fields.

However, some students will be unable to attend an on- campus program for personal or family reasons. They may already work full- time, or have extensive family commitments that cannot be broken. These people may require a more flexible schedule than on- campus students, and an online program may be ideal for them. Notable online design school programs in New Jersey include the Art Institutes Online and the International Academy of Design and Technology Online. A simple internet search will likely yield numerous additional results, although it’s important to make sure those programs are also accredited. Accreditation is easy to check; just note the accrediting agency of your program and make sure it’s on the list of approved accrediting agencies on the United States Department of Education’s website.

How much will it cost me to attend design school in New Jersey?

It’s never easy to estimate the entire cost of attending school anywhere. A lot depends on your individual spending habits, as well as things that are highly variable like whether or not you get financial aid. At a public design school in New Jersey, your tuition and fees are likely to be around $9,702 per academic year. For the same length of time at a private school, tuition and fees will be about $24,877, which is more than double the average cost of a public school.

The cost of tuition and fees for an online program will be roughly the same as they would be for an on- campus program – $220 per credit hour for an undergraduate program, $320 for a graduate program – but students will save substantially on their living costs if they aren’t living on- campus. For example, the average room and board cost at a public New Jersey College is about $9,846 per academic year. Online students will be able to dramatically reduce or entirely eliminate these costs that, because they already live in a state close to the heart of the design scene, will be a massive advantage.


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