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Benefits of Art Forms…

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This one time, you’re completely stressed out. And your immediate reaction is to either watch a video or listen to some music. You’re thirsty for a moment, for nothingness. You can’t take it anymore. And then when you sit down to listen to some music or watch a video, you can concentrate. But this time your concentration relieves you. Its a natural phenomenon that we have developed to escape to an art form as a substitute for pleasure. A pleasure that relaxes your mind and body. For an instant at least your mind stops thinking and follows the tune and if you try further for nothingness you’re lost (sometimes doze off).

Let me take one art form, say vocal music, and explain how it can help you in improving your day to day performance. To start with lets explore the attributes of good music and then how it helps you in your own general life performance.

1. Perfect pitch – The vocalist has to be so perfect that he can cut the median of the wavelength of the pitch that he has taken for the song. While he is performing, there is an immense amount of concentration that he has to invest. This obviously improves your concentration power. This is valid for any art form for that matter. But just that we have taken vocal as our example, i’ll continue with that.

2. Perfect rhythm – Your music must definitely contain a rhythm. A rhythm is a ‘time-based’ performance. This tells you when to do what in a general sense and improves on that. In life, you cannot achieve success if you don’t realize the importance of when to do things. A song in perfect rhythm helps your wavering and stressed out mind into a more balanced state. It helps you to concentrate.

3. Perfect expression – This tells you how to convey the meaning in your song. Say, a devotional song has to be more polite and communicate a sense of submission. Or, a love song must convey your longing. Here, your general communication skill applies. Now with the help of music you’re getting better even at expressing your day-to-day affairs.

4. Memory – Learning a song by heart and delivering it on a regular basis improves your data retrieving skills. Your memory gets to store data in a more organised fashion (similar to what you achieve by doing a disk de-fragmenting with the help of your computers operating system). Learning a new song at regular intervals improves your memory capacity. Try it.

5 Creativity – You learn a song and its obviously liked by people because the performance is unique. And this is because the singer has added his bit of creativity to the song. Your creativity lies in what you can add to improve the overall effect that a song is expected to deliver (for e.g., delivering a composition of notes that will complement the song, this time a real-time or instant composition for a change). By doing this on a regular basis, your reaction to everyday chores would be unique. But make sure, you’re following general rules everytime.

Now the benefits don’t stop with this. There are more. But for an opening, this should do. I appreciate the time you have taken to read this. Please do leave your comments (or messages) for me.

You can also reach me for an Indian Classical Vocal lesson (beginning to advanced) and then I would be pleased to demonstrate all the above points for you to experience (over time).



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