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Ocr Software Pdf

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OCR (optical character recognition) is the process by which type written, printed or handwritten gets converted into machine readable format. Here we have to input the scanned files in the format of PDF for conversion. The OCR process started in the year 1950 which modified many times and got the structure of present style. It is mainly used in armed forces in United States of America. This we can say important invention in the field of information technology. At present also OCR is a challenging research subject with lots of commercial applications. OCR can be used in commercial applications like book search and indexing, conversion of documents and also for postal address recognition.  

Structural analysis and pattern matching is the initial or primary route taken for OCR processing. In this images of different shapes can be easily converted into machine readable format easily. In the beginning stage of invention OCR was used only for specific font only. But now it can recognize characters of all of the fonts available in the language. Also few of the famous OCR software’s available today include Ocrad, ABBYY fine reader, Tesseract and also Brainware. Among these ABBYY and Tesseract are slight different from others. These two can offer multi language support. Main advantage we can see here is its compatibility to convert PDF files easily.

Most of OCR software are licensed and can give PDF output in a standard text document format. Also they accept different types of image formats which are common nowadays such as JPEG, GIF and TIFF. Most of the OCR available today is specially made for some specific languages. This we can say as tailored for special purpose only. Also some OCR software offer output files ready to download immediately without waiting more time or submitting email address and to wait for converted data.


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