Monday, December 18

Advantages of Electrical Hand Dryers

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Hand dryers very commonly used at home and offices nowadays. Different types of hand dryers are available in the market with many options. Electric hand dryers are commonly used because it saves money.  We can say that electric hand dryers can save around 90% cost than paper towels. Many restaurants and schools are now preferring electric hand dryers because there is only initial cost is more compared to paper towels. In long run it is more profitable. Only one time installation charge is there in electric hand dryers but have to purchase paper towels regularly where we have to spend more money.

The main disadvantage of paper towel is it cannot be recycled. Only we can use it for once and have to throw it. Also paper towels make pollution and also reduce trees on earth which will effect atmosphere and climate. But in the case of electric hand dryer we can continuously use it many times as we need. Next main thing is paper towels create health problems by creating bacteria. After use if we through the paper it bacteria will form in it and make surroundings dirty. In this case also we can say hand dryers are better choice for all purposes than paper towels.

Maintenance time is an important factor in this case. Electric hand dryers are easy to use and maintain compared to paper towels. If paper towels used for hand cleaning we have to clean the waste basket properly every day. But in the case of hand dryers there is no need of cleaning. This saves both time and maintains neatness. Electric hand dryers are hygienic and we can use it anywhere like in bathrooms or near wash basin in kitchen. So it is better to use electric hand dryers which are eco friendly and of less maintenance cost.


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