Friday, December 15

Brookstone Barbecue in Houston, Texas: A Short Review

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Brookstone is one of the best Barbecue places in West Houston and this is a short review of the place.

The one thing that Texas as a state has plenty of is Barbecue joints, however not all are the same so the competition for a good Barbecue place is fierce where one has to have a perfect blend of meats, cuts, moisture and sauce.  But there is one in the Westchase District in Houston that stands above the others and it is called Brookstreet Barbecue. The décor of the place is very simple with three rows of seat options the ones on the side have a half a booth feel to them and the rows of tables in the middle are just normal tables.

The restaurant is located at 10705 Westheimer just after the Beltway 8 and their hours of operations are from Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Once one is inside the place your nostril will be filled with the smoky barbecue smell as you wait in line to order, and the prices are reasonable and average for a barbecue joint. And you can start with a one beef plate, or a turkey or chicken plate for $8.95 and all the dishes come with two sides or go with the delicious rib plate which is half a rack for $13.95. The ribs are spectacular, they are not overly slathered or charred completely just the pieces at the borders and there is not a lot of fat either, just enough to give it a little more flavor, and they are very tender.

Of course you can order a sandwich or po-boy too such as the sausage, turkey, pulled chicken po-boy for $6.50, or the Carolina pork or chopped beef sandwich for $5.50 just do not be afraid to make a mess, it will happen.

However do not overlook their side orders such as their yams, the fried okras which are enwrapped in a light fry, and the lighter than you think baked potato casserole which consists bacon bits, cheese and chives which can be a plate all on its own; if you want to order the sides on their own than a small order comes at $1.75 each or $3.95 for a pint.


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