Thursday, December 14

The Italian Expo in Houston: A Summary Review From a Volunteer And Guest

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This event has been brought to the Texas area just a year ago and it was a success the first time it went around.  The exposition itself is a showcase that brings all things Italian directly to you from fashion to cuisine and it brought thousands of people to the event. The original event started in 2007 in Chicago and is going so strong that they did expanded to the south by bringing Italy to you instead of going to Italy; and in Houston the tag line was “Italian Style- Texas Style”.

As a volunteer for two days on the three day event one had a different point of view, however in my case still a pleasant experience. The first day of the opening things ran a little late and one of the main booths (mine) that gave out coupons and drink bracelets did not have any for the first half hour after the doors were opened.

As you enter the exposition you immediately see the classic 1960’s Ferrari and as you come closer and read the brochure you notice that one is from a private collection and you immediately suffer from the green eyed monster called jealousy which wants you to be the one to own them.

Then as you start going towards the main stage where the runway is set you will divert to the huge wine tasting area with more than ten booths and hundreds of wines to choose from the Banfi Centine Bianco to the Borgo Magredo Prosecco to the Rubizzo just to name a few of the over one hundred and fifty ones available for free sampling, just make sure not to get too tipsy if driving. Well, to prevent that from happening in between samples one can go to the “food court” where local Italian restaurants have small appetizers with the entrance coupons and other small items for an average of $8 per plate.


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