Tuesday, December 12

Get Free Gifts at Freebiejeebies!

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You Can Get FREE gifts at FreebieJeebies!

Yes you can get FREE ipods, mobiles, games consoles and much more!

1. Sign up here: http://gadgets.freebiejeebies.co.uk/162872
2. Complete 1 Free offer
3. Refer friends to do the same.

Sites like FreebieJeebies give you the opportunity to recieve FREE gifts. They get paid by adverising compainies to advertise there product, So they do that by giving you a free gift if you sign up to a free offer and get some referrals to do the same. ( See ‘ How it works ‘ For more detail )

Seems simple enough, Well it is, just go to http://gadgets.freebiejeebies.co.uk/162872 to get started!


About FreebieJeebies FreebieJeebies is a free site where you can get FREE ipods, mobiles, games consoles and much more. Just Sign up, complete offers ( There are free ones ) and refer friends. You may be thinking something along the lines of ‘ Yeah Right! ‘. Well Thats what i was thinking as well, but if you take some time to read about it and look at the testimonials then you will see that it is a completly legit site. It is completly free. There aren’t any hidden fees and even the P&P is free. It also isn’t a scam like many other sites. It is 100% legit and once you have got all your credits, you will recieve your gift as promised.

So How does it Work? 

Basically, The Advertisers ( Offers ) pay freebiejeebies to advertise. With that money freebiejeebies keep some and spend some on free gifts to attract customers to there sites. Then when you complete an offer, the advertising companies are getting potential customers, and when you refer people there are then more potential customers.

So then it makes the Advertisers happy because they are getting potential customers.
It makes FreebieJeebies happy because they are earning money.
And it makes Us ( the customers ) happy because we get free gifts!


How do I get my Free Gift? Sign up at http://gadgets.freebiejeebies.co.uk/162872! Then you choose your free gift. You recieve your referral ID ( will later give tips on how to get referrals ). And then your earn credits to recieve your gift by, completing offers, referring people.

You can get a maximum of 3 credits per offer you complete. You can get 1 credit per active referral.
Then once you have all your credits you recieve your free gift. The service is very fast, and completes quickly when pending.


Proof! If your still not sure, then see some of FreebieJeebies happy customers who have recieved there free gift. Just go to: http://www.exceem.co.uk/forums/i-got-my-free-item/ – I got my free gift’ forum, and check out the comments from happy customers. – Also you will soon notice that freebiejeebies is the most popular freebie site there.

Also if you go to Youtube and search ‘ BBC news, free ipod ‘ there are clips from the bbc news saying about the freebie sites, and that they are legit.

So there you go! It’s all left up to you now to claim those free Gifts! Sign up at http://gadgets.freebiejeebies.co.uk/162872 .


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