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Why It’s Important to be Happy With Your Vet

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Those of you who have pets know how traumatic it can be if your pet gets ill or injured. Added to that are the ridiculously high vet fees that we pay to ensure our pets are helped as best as possible. Many vets take advantage of the fact that we can become emotionally attached to our pets and they know we will pay for the required treatment even if we can ill afford it. This is one of the reasons they get away with charging inflated prices. I’m talking from a UK perspective. Perhaps in some countries vets fees are very reasonable.

Whether you have five big dogs or just one small hamster the chances are that at some point you will need to see a vet so it’s very important to be happy with your vet.

The fees vets charge are high enough to cause many people to feel disgruntled to begin with but if you add to that any kind of service that is less than excellent then you seriously need to consider changing your vet.

If, for example you experience a bad attitude from a receptionist, unhelpful information on the phone, long waiting times with your sick animal in the waiting area or a grumpy, dismissive attitude from the vet himself then consider your options.

I have experienced all of these unnacceptable situations over the past 18 months so I speak from experience.

Here are the symptoms of not feeling happy with your vet.

1. You feel anxious about attending and unsure about how you will be spoken to by either the receptionist or vet. You don’t look forward to going.

2. You feel annoyed when you leave because you didn’t feel listened to or respected or didn’t feel things were explained properly.

3. You feel stressed because you had to wait a long time, despite having a fixed appointment time.

4. You feel confused about administering medication because it wasn’t explained patiently to you.

Reasons why we don’t change a vet sooner.

1. You may live in a small place and not have much choice.

2. If you have a lot of choice of vets locally you may not want the inconvenience of looking elsewhere so you put up with what you’ve got.

3. You may wonder if there’s something wrong with you – maybe you’re a bit stupid or over demanding and it’s not really the vet/receptionist who is in the wrong. People with a low self-esteem can often feel like this when treated poorly.

4. You may worry that any other vet will give just as poor service so what’s the point of changing. 

Why you MUST change vet if you’re not happy

Again, I speak from experience. After being unhappy with my vet for over a year for all the above reasons I finally decided to do something about it. I went to another vet only a mile further away and made it clear about the kind of service I expected and why I was leaving the other vet. Most vets are very keen to get your custom and more money for themselves so of course they promised me top service. So far, I have not beendisappointed. I was even told by this smaller vet’s practice to report any disrespectful staff to the manager straight away. I am now very happy about going to the vet and the strange thing is I no longer grudge paying the money because I feel I’m getting good service. Going to the other vet was making me resentful and annoyed. It’s not worth it so don’t delay if you’re unhappy about the service – you have the power to change it when you are paying for it. This can also apply to your dentist or other practitioners.

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