Saturday, December 16

How to Play Wii On-Line For Free!

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OK, you have get a bit bored playing against the PC again and again doing the jentai, don’t you? If you really want to play online with Nitendo Wii you should follow these really simple steps:

Step 1.Take your Nitendo Wii out of the box and connect it to the internet. This needs to be through a broadband connection such as DSL or Cable. If you cannot to do this alone, ask someone to do this for you!
Step 2.Find a game for online play from the menu that appears…

      Some of those that are possible for now (more to be added in the near future from Nitendo for sure) are:

      Mario Strikers Charged Football {cool and funny)

      Endless Ocean {dark and a bit mysterious)

      Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock {it rocks :P)

      NBA Live 10 {nice with much action}

      FIFA 10 {it is matching with the muntial, doesn’t it?}

      Madden NFL 08 {cool game, you get easily bored with it though}

      Pokemon Battle Revolution {nice pokemon game}

Step 3.Follow the Nitendo Wii instructions for swapping friend codes if you prefer to play with only those you know. Otherwise, you may choose to connect with random Nitendo Wii users. Although, connecting with your friends who know and are really close to you may reduce the game latency (ping) very much.

And take a tip…Post to your Twitter account or Facebook page that you want to play Nitendo Wii games with others online and see if you can gather some new friend codes this way.

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