Wednesday, December 13

How Musicians Use Social Media

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In todays society of blogging, webcam and chat rooms, Todays musicians are finding a new way to communicate and enjoy time with their fans! Social media is also a fun new way for the entertainer to help fund and support their careers. There are meany ways for a musician to use social media. Facebook, MySpace, purevolume and of course having a personal Website.

Tom Delonge of Angels and Airwaves found a new way to wrap all social networking and have a deeper connection with his fans. He has started his own way of funding, friendships, and freebies! A site called ModLife. You pay a small fee for the huge benefits you receive. With most bands Website you will find tour dates, news that is updated when the band gets time, and maybe a few photos or videos. The band recently gave away the newest album LOVE on ModLife. Anyone can download it free and you do not have to be a member. On ModLife expect all this and more.

Not only will you see Angels and Airwaves but you will also have access to bands such as Forever the Sickest Kids, KORN, And Runner Runner.

Your membership includes all exclusive chatrooms where each member of the band takes time to chat with fans. You will know a band member is on by the difference in color of the username. Modcams live with the members from time to time (more often then you would expect for this busy bunch of guys). Up to date news, photos and videos as well as fan submitted content. Angels and Airwaves also added VIP tickets and sound check on this past tour. ModLife is a brilliant business idea for all musicians to be involved in. Modlife is linked to Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace.

MySpace, Twitter and Facebook are the most popular was for musicians to communicate with fans. They are simple to use and are free to join.

With Facebook and MySpace you are able to join the musicians friends list and see automatic updates, tours, photos and comments. They are able to keep thousands of fans up to date all with the click of a button!

Twitter is the rapidly growing Website that is the closest to a blog. The musician can send text, images or video directly from a phone. Twitter is also able to be linked to just about any site!


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