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ABSOLUTELY FREE – Advice on making money through Bukisa.com

What is Bukisa?

Bukisa is a website where regular people can go to write articles about just about anything under the sun and publish their material in exchange for monetary compensation. There are tons of the sites out there, but there is a very unique way in which you make money on Bukisa that sets it apart from all of the others.

How do you make money with Bukisa?

Bukisa pays their authors by unique daily page impressions. They have a system which they call the ‘Bukisa Index’ which is calculated based on the total site revenue. This rating is determined solely by the website. You earn the dollar figure for the rating on every thousand page impressions. So, if the Bukisa rating is 3.95 then you will earn $3.95 on a thousand page impressions or more simply, .395 cents per impression.

In addition to the page impressions, you also can get paid for your network. The network is anyone who signs up using your ‘join link’. This is located on your Bukisa profile. When the people in your network begin to make money, you will earn a percentage of what they make in addition to your own earnings. It will not take away from their earnings though.

What is the Bukisa Money Project?

The Bukisa Money Project aims to provide completely free advice to capitalize on the Bukisa concept of making money in two different ways.

1.) The first way is to train others to make money on Bukisa. Anthony Delgado is the author of the eBook, “Need Extra Cash? ” which has helped many people to earn a ton of money on ad revenue sites. Bukisa works a little different than the others, so there is some different techniques required to make the big money.

2.) The second way is through the network. Not only will Anthony Delgado train you to make the big bucks, but also give you the tools and resources to build up your own network and then train them to do the same thing.

So what do I do?(Remember this is absolutely free!)

1.) Sign up for Bukisa by clicking this link. (Yes, this will put you in Anthony’s network which will earn him more money. By learning his system, you will be able to do the same exact thing.)

2.) E-mail Anthony Delgado at bukisaproject@need-extra-cash.net. Be sure to include your Bukisa user ID so that your membership can be verified.

3.) Then you will receive an e-mail with two attached quick guides. The attachments are totally free quick guides which will walk you through everything you need to know to make money on Bukisa both by writing your own articles and through your own network.

What if I already have a bukisa account?

  1. Get 3 people to sign up using this method. (they need to identify in the initial e-mail that they were referred by you and include your e-mail address.)
  2. They must write 5 articles each using the method.
  3. Once this is fulfilled you will recieve an e-mail with the quick guides.

TIP: You can ask friends, family, coworkers, etc. to help you out. If they write the 5 articles, they never have to look at it again.


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