Thursday, December 14

Three Tips For The Modern Procrastinator

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Let’s face it. The majority of people procrasinate something. You have to do something, but you just don’t want to do it, so you leave it to the last minute. You don’t want to do it because it’s either annoying, time consuming or just plain uninteresting, but it has to be done. I’m  talking about procrastinating housework, schoolwork, yardwork, you name it. But now, you can beat your procrasinatinon.. (No, we can’t start beating your procrasination tomorrow) 

Split Up the Workload 

Let’s say you have a work presentation that’s due in a week. Why not start doing a couple of slides today? You need to mow the grass, pull out the weeds, and wash the cars by the end of the weekend? No problem. Split up the work to get it finished. You won’t be running around like a chicken without its head when it’s close to the due date. Most people procrastinate because it’s just something they don’t want to do, but splitting the task into parts makes it easier to accomplish and puts less stress on you.

Start Early

This tip is obvious, but rarely followed in the case of procrastinators. You know you have a deadline, but you insist on waiting until the night before to start on it. There’s no need to do that when you can use your time wisely. This is a big problem for procrastinators. Due to the fact that we don’t want to do something, we leave it to the last minute and usually get ourselves stressed out or in trouble if the task goes unfinised. This tip goes hand in hand with the first tip. If you start working on the task early and in segments, you’ll see the workload lessen, putting less stress on you. Let’s take the example of the presentation from the first tip. Your presentation is due exactly a week from the day you get it assigned. You bring it home with you. You see that you need to make twenty slides. Okay, that’s not too bad, it could be worse. You gather all your information and start once you get home. You do about five slides. That’s a really good start! You have six days to go, and you still have to finish fifteen slides. So, the next day, you do another five. Now you have five days to go, but only ten slides left. The earlier you start, the faster you get done, which gives you more time to do the things you love.

Get Your Friends and Family to Help You

This tip works especially well with procrastinated schoolwork. Let’s say you have a test coming up that you are totally dreading. You don’t want to study, let alone take the exam itself. So, you procrastinate until the day before the test to study. But with the help of family and friends, preparing for the exam doesn’t have to be a terrible burden. Give them the information you need to know and have them test you. It helps you know what you don’t understand and helps you study way before the day of the test. How about if you have that work PowerPoint presentation to give? You hate doing PowerPoints and you struggle to make it look uniform and professional, but your neighbor is a professional at it. Why not ask him/her to help you or give you some tips? Having other people give you a gentle push, stops the vicious cycle of procrastinating and gets the ball rolling.


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