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Turkey – Combining Europe And Asia

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Turkey is a fascinating country to visit and spend a holiday.  Since it was the heart of the Ottoman’s Empire it was hugely influenced by it.   Apart from that the Greeks and Romans came and went and left their marks.  For historians and sightseer it is a paradise of wonderful monuments.  The Trojan horse, the Amphitheatre and the Library of Celsus at Ephesus to name just a few.   Istanbul itself is a treasure drove and not to mention the capital Ankara.

The country itself lies 97% in Asia and it is called Anatoia.  The European side is called Thrace and borders Greece and Bulgaria.   Anatolia is a long peninsular with the Black Sea in the north and the Mediterranean in the south.  Anatolia is a large plateau with the Pontic Mountains in the north, the Taurus Mountains in the south.  In the west are small hills and valleys and slopes down to the Aegean Sea.  In the Pontic and Taurus mountains is the highest peak the Mount Ararat with 5173m. 

Turkey has a lot of extinct volcanoes but is geologically unstable.  It has frequent earthquakes.  

The climate is extreme and can range from very cold, windy winters and  hot summers; to  mild winters and hot Mediterranean summers in the coastal region..

The central area of Cappadocia is covered in a soft volcanic rock.  Over thousand of years the rock has been eroded into chimneys, spires and towers.   Some are hollowed out to make dwellings. 

The population is 80% Turks and 20% Kurds with minorities of Arabs, Greeks, Armenians, Georgians and Jews.

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