Wednesday, December 13

How to Get in Shape at Home

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Step 1: Use what is around you ( like a bottles filled with sand. An object that is a bit heavy make great weights.) Or use your own body. Crunches, push-ups and calisthenic exercises are simple, straightfoward yet effective ways to get in shape.

Step 2: Step outside your front door. If you are looking to shed some pounds, cardio is imperative. Lace up some comfortable shoes, put your pooch on his leash and move those legs.

Step 3: Find an online support group or journaling program. Accountability is a key factor in weight loss and toning for many people. If you know others will be cheering you on and waiting to hear from you, you are more likely to stick with your program. Journaling helps you see how far you have come, and notice any changes you might need to make.

Step 4: Learn new exercises. Rent a video (or borrow one from the library for free) and follow along with an instructor. Pick up a book or visit a website that can teach you some new toning or fat-burning moves. Many cable channels offer “on-demand” programs that include exercise videos you can watch on your time, and at no extra cost.

Step 5: Purchase gently used equipment. If you decide you want to invest in a home gym, check out your local classifieds, Craigslist and used sporting goods stores. People often invest in exercise machines and then don’t use them, which means you can find a like-new item for a fraction of the price.


Always warm up and cool down before and after working out to avoid injuries.

Set small, measurable goals to help keep yourself motivated.

Don’t start a new fitness program without seeing your doctor first.

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