Sunday, December 17

How TO Study Effectively

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Just a day left for your exam and you have just started preparing. This is the conditon of almost all the students today. With increasing course and popularity of social networking websites in addition to emphasis on extra-curricular activities a normal student has difficulty managing time for studies.

Giving up extra-curricular activities and having fun with friends is absolutely the wrong way to deal with this situation however scaling everything according to the time we have in hand seems to be a better way out. Time management thus becomes a very imortant concept in this situation. One should realise their priorities in life,saying ‘NO’ when needed and most importantly respecting time.

To study effectively we have to follow some really simple steps but the important thing is that we have to follow them regularly. Before you start your day preferably before sleeping at night make a list of all the important things you have to the next day which includes the subject you have to study and the extra curricular activities you have to do. Then alot a time interval for activity you have decided. Now make a time table fitting in all the activities that you had decided. Make sure that you give enough recreational time between two intervals of studying because even studies have proved that studying in three intervals of two hours each is better than studying six hours at a stretch. Now you are all set to atleast give some hours to academics everyday which is half the work done. Now all you have to do is finish all the activities in the allotted time when you get up next dat.

Now you have to study in a manner so that even if you study less you get the maximum output. For this you have to make sure that you have sat down to study with a clear and fresh mind in a clean place with as less noise as possible or a soothing music. You should study one topic at a time refering to atleast two books for a topic so that you not only cover all aspects of the tpoic but have your basics perfectly right. Then practice 4-5 questions on the topic with which you will be sure that whatever you have studied you have understood it. Mark all the important lines when you are going through the text,this will definitely help you when you are preparing for your exams.

Now preparing for your exam finally is the most important step. For this do a SWOT analysis a week before your exam. SWOT analysis is an abbreviated word for Strength weakness opportunity and threat. Determine your strong and weak areas. In your strong and weak areas mark the topics in which you can score more which becomes the OPPORTUNITIES and topics which you didn’t understand which become your THREATS. Before the exam all you have to do is increase your opportunities and decrease your threats and thus studying for even four hours a day can take you places!! Before the exam take a 6-7 hour sleep so that your mind gets proper rest and you perform well.

I promise that if you follow this method of study you will definitely improve your perfomance not only academically but also in extra curricular activities and fulfill your dream of being a perfect teenager.


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