Tuesday, December 12

Maldives — A Holiday's Paradise

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The famous Maldives islands are the world’s most perfect holiday resorts.  The islands are coral island and are of a twin line of 26 atolls.   Each island is surround by a coral reef which makes a diver’s paradise.  Each island is higher than 2m sea levels and can be walked across in 10 minutes.  The total numbers are 70 resort islands.  These islands total 1190 but only 200 are inhabited..

The Islander’s income is mainly tourism.  The other income is fishing since the waters teeming with fish.   They growing coconuts, bananas, mangoes, breadfruits, cassava, sweet potatoes and millet.  Rice is their staple food but it has to be imported.  Another income are boatbuilding and handicrafts.

The capital is Male and it is the only way to reach the island to fly into Male.   Travelling between the islands are by traditional small boats which are similar to the Arab dhows.  There are also water taxi avail. 

Their history goes back about 4000 years when the Dravidians came from India and the Sinhalese from Sri Lanka.  In the 13th century Marco Polo wrote that the Andaman Islands were inhabited by cannibals.and part of a submarine mountain rage running through the Indian Ocean.

The Maldives were formed by volcanoes which were active about a Million years ago.

If you are looking for a dream holiday you couldn’t choose better than the Maldives.   It is nothing but a paradise and experience you will never forget.  The chalets are build on stilts into the sea with a long bridge from the beach.

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