Monday, December 11

How to Avoid Sunburn

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Follow these tips to avoid a sunburn while spending time outside this summer and all year round!

Lather it On

First thing is first, before going outside, apply sunscreen according to the directions on the bottle.  In addition to the typical cream sunscreen, some companies now have an alcohol-based spray that is less messy to apply.  You want to apply sunscreen when your skin is clean and dry and at least 15-20 minutes before you are going outside so that it has time to dry.  Consider buying a sunscreen that is 40SPF or higher.  SPF stand for Sun Protection Factor and is an industry standard.  When applying sunscreen, don’t forget the back of your neck, your ears, your face, and any part of your body that is not covered with clothing!

Cover it Up

All clothing provides a certain amount of protection from the sun, but anyone who has been sunburned through their clothes knows that it is not enough!  Look for clothing that has a SPF protection rating – it’s like sunscreen built into your clothing.  If you don’t have SPF clothing, consider wearing light colors that will reflect the sun’s rays instead of dark clothing that will absorb them and make you feel hotter.

Top it off

I bet you know to wear a hat during the winter to keep the heat from escaping from your body, but you also need to wear a hat in the summer.  This is especially important for those who do not have hair to cover all of their head.  Applying sunscreen to any bald spots will help, but consider adding a hat for a second layer of protection.

Look Cool

It is important to protect your eyes as well as your skin.  Wear a classic pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes.  When buying sunglasses, make sure you buy ones that advertise protection from UVA and UVB rays.  If you have light colored eyes you are more suseptible to sun-sensitivy, so get some sunglasses and wear them with pride.

Seek Shade

When possible, stay out of the sun!  If you are standing around at a party, find a spot of shade to stand in for additional protection from the sun.  Another option is to find a stylish parasole or sun umbrella so you have your own portable shade from the sun.  Also, during the middle of the day (10am-2pm) is when the sun’s rays are strongest – stay out of the sun during this time if possible!

If you take as many of these precautions as you can, you can avoid sunburn this summer!


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