Breeding Betta Fish – Betta Splendens

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Betta Splendens are bubble-nesters. Meaning the male will make nests under leaves and in sides of tanks to hold eggs. Most betta in stores are grown outside of the United states in ponds many Betta are imported from Asia. There are many tail types in this species. Some of the tail types are: Combtail, Crowntail, Halfmoon, Delta, Superdelta, and Plakat.

To breed Betta you will need to select a male and female Betta. Female Bettas usually are more bland in color and you may see a white dot on her “belly” this is where the eggs are released. Males usually have more luxurious fins and colors and are fairly aggressive especially, to other males. You will need a vase (or clear cup large enough for your female), a plastic tub or five gallon aquarium, and grow out tubs enough for 100 baby fry, give or take 20-50. Betta broods can range from about 10 to up to 200. You will also need sponge filters and brine shrimp eggs.

The next step is to prepare the water and tanks for your Betta. Put a plastic lid, Styrofoam cup, leaf, or other small surface floating clean object for the male to attach his nest too. Only fill your tub or tank half way full, as Betta do jump. Most breeders place heaters in their tanks and heat the water to 82*f. Once the tank is prepared and the water is ready for fish, place your male in the tank. After two to three days he should now be comfortable in his tank. Once he is comfortable, show him the female by either placing her within sight of his tank, either by placing next to it in a clear container, or within a contain in the tank. Show the male the female for a few days, in dark females she make show vertical stripes down her sides. The stripes mean she is ready to mate with him.

Place the female in the tank now, and make sure there is hiding places. I suggest quietly watching them from a distance. Make sure not to startle them now. Some males may make nests constantly; others may not until right before they spawn. Once the female submits to the male, she will lower her head and swim with her tail up around him. This is normal behavior. Once she has done this and is ready to spawn, the male will swim up and wrap his body around hers. Fertilizing the eggs they may wrap several times, even for an entire evening. When they are finished the female will swim away. The eggs will drop to the floor of the container and the male will pick them up with his mouth and blow them into his bubble-nest. He will tend to the nest for a few days, until the fry are free swimming, about 3-5 days. I would suggest putting in a floating live plant from the time the female enters the tank so the small creatures that grow on it, can be ready for the small mouths of the babies can eat it.

I will plan on writing more articles on this subject in the future, this is not a complete guide to raising Betta from 0-breeding age, however, it should help you get started in the wonderful world of home-bred Betta fish.


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