Why Should Someone Do Business With You?

Launching a website/business can be very exciting. This is something that you own; you now have the opportunity to turn this “golem” into a real living creature. You fully understand the potential of your services or products and you know that many people out there can benefit from what ever it is you have to offer.

However, over and over again I see the same mistakes, some very basic mistakes that knock out website-businesses right from the start. Before spending money on PPC programs or any other advertising program, or even on internet marketing gurus etc.. Try these simple and basic things that just may help your website-business grow:

The Website design: What’s with all the graphics and things flashing? What’s with the intro page? Why is it taking forever for the pages to open up? Your website is not user friendly at all. If that’s the case…Why should someone do business with you?

The “About Us” page: Why is there no about us page? Who are you? What’s your background? If I don’t know anything about you, then….Why should someone do business with you?

The Contact us page: Where are you located? Will you be shipping from another country? What if I have a problem? How can I get a hold of you? I don’t know where you are, and if there is no phone number or email, then… Why should someone do business with you?

Information/Content: [content is king!]Where is the information/content on your website? It’s not enough to have the pricing and stories about how you great  you are, I want to know more about the products! And not just about you and the cost! If there is no information, then…Why should someone do business with you?

The Checkout process: Why is the checkout process so long? Why are you asking me to fill out a survey? If you are making the checkout process so complicated, then… why should someone do business with you?

Service Providers: Where are your testimonials? Will I be your first client? What is your past experience? How long have you been around in the business? If I’m getting the impression that I will be your first client, then… Why should someone do business with you?

I could go on but I think [hope!] you get the point. Before we blame the world for our failures, it is always best to take a deep look inside and to see what first needs to be fixed. Many times the simple and basic changes we make – is what actually makes the difference in our businesses.

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