Eating Just Soup, Salad and Cereal to Lose Weight

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How do you do the soup, cereal and salad diet?  This diet involves a low calorie list of healthy foods that can help you get healthy and lose weight.  Adding exercise into the mix can also have a positive impact on not just your weight but your strength and body shape.

Here’s a sample Soup, Cereal and Salad Diet  menu:


cereal with fruit


cereal bar or piece of fruit


Vegetable soup, Mixed greens salad with light salad dressing


cereal bar or raw vegetables with light dip


Hearty soup, large salad with light salad dressing


Bowl of cereal, or fruit salad, or cereal bar, or raw vegetables, handful of nuts

This diet can be followed for 1-2 weeks and result in a few pounds lost per week. Because there are so many varieties of soups, cereals, fruits and vegetables, the diet is easy to follow.  A good way to keep yourself interested is to really vary the type of food you’re eating.  Don’t eat the same type of soup or salad on a particular day if you can avoid it.  Vary the recipe and don’t forget to have healthy snacks between meals so that you’re getting enough food. It’s important to ensure you get protein so consider throwing a handful of nuts in a salad or bowl of cereal or eating them for a snack.  Beans can help make your soup heartier as well and a bean salad is very healthy and full of fiber and protein.

Tip: Go for a rainbow of colours to ensure you’re getting healthy food and this also subconsioucly results in satisfaction with your food.

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