How To Increase Earnings With Bukisa

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  • Write more.

It seems self explanatory.  When it comes down to it, the more you are able to write the more you are going to earn.  This is the most time consuming, yet easiest way to increase your earnings.  Try to set a goal to meet every single day, or week.  One article a day adds up very quickly.

  • Learn more about SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about figuring out what the major search engines are looking for.  These days, when we talk about “major search engines” we usually just mean Google.  It really is this simple: Make Google like your work, and your work will get read.  With the number of searches Google handles each year, you’re going to pop up on something.  Just try to get that to be common, and you’ll really earn a lot.  (Of course, writing more makes this happen eventually.)

  • Write about varied topics

A lot of us are experts on something.  That’s just great — but if you only write on that single topic, you’re really limiting your opportunity.  If you don’t vary your work, you may be digging yourself deeper and deeper into a niche topic that is surprisingly unpopular.

  • Research before you write

If you have a serious amount of information being presented in your article, there’s an opportunity for it to be linked to without you even realizing it.  Nothing is better than having somebody promote your work for you with no solicitation.

  • Enjoy what you’re doing

If you actually enjoy writing, the money just comes.  It comes through in the work, and will make for a more enjoyable read.  If you don’t find yourself looking forward to posting a new article every day, just don’t.  No one wants to read something you struggled to put together.

It’s really that simple.  I know you were hoping for some incredible tip that would allow you to quit your job — but it doesn’t exist.  Hard work and dedication pays off.  Make sure you keep it up and you’ll eventually have a solid income stream coming from Bukisa.

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