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List of India’s Top 10 Hot Jobs

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If you confused about choosing a best fields to establish your career, then readout the article which gives a information about India’s Top 10 Hot Jobs. The Top Ten Jobs are mainly in two Fields: Computers and Health Care. If you are attracted to computer careers, one of the most important work values to have is Flexibility.

The IT Sector: The IT Sector has been the sunrise industry since a long time. Salaries paid are touching the sky by the day. Today’s business world cannot do without computers and hence people in this sector have jobs which are recession proof.

The medical profession: A medical profession is one of the best to establish career because doctors are always in demand. Those who have a private practice and have earned a name for themselves can really rule the roost where earnings are concerned.

Jobs in Retail Industry: Retail industry of India has been one of the strongest one in the past and this trend is going to continue in the prospect also. As per the estimations made by ASSOCHAM Business Barometer the figure is going to reach $21 billion this year. By the year 2010, retail industry is going to create 2,000,000 more jobs.

IIMs : If you are lucky, perseverant and hardworking and are able to get into one of the IIMs then the sky will be the limit for you. The moment you graduate from one of these schools then the minimum salary that you can expect is 7 to 8 lakhs.

Lawyers and Advocates: Once you establish yourself then you can command the fee that your heart desires. Their earning potential definitely transports them to the top bracket.

Chartered Accountant or a CFA: All the companies around however big or small need someone to write their books of accounts and keep them handy when the tax man come calling. Once you have got the nuances of accounting you could keep on adding to your qualifications and with that you can increase the number of zeros added to your pay packet each year.

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