Wednesday, December 13

A Basic Mirror Game For Young Actors

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Basic Mirror Game


  1. Divide the group into pairs.  The teacher can be one of the partners if necessary.

  2. Partners face each other with arms outstretched, just touching fingertips, then drop arms, ready to begin.

  3. One partner becomes the “leader”, and the other partner becomes the “mirror”.

  4. Partners should aim to look into each other’s eyes throughout the exercise.

  5. Without moving from the spot, the leader starts to slowly move.  It is the mirror’s task to copy the leader’s movements as closely as possible, but in reverse, exactly as a mirror would.  For example, if the leader raises his left arm, the mirror should raise his right arm.  Facial expressions should also be mirrored.

  6. Switch the leader and mirror at intervals during the game.


To become a team where both partners are moving so perfectly together that an observer would be unable to tell who is the leader.  An advanced goal is to be able to switch between leader and mirror simply by unspoken communication.


Partners firstly develop concentration in the effort to create flowing movements and to mirror accurately.  Each student learns to observe and anticipate the other in order to be a good leader and good mirror.  Students develop trust, co-operation skills and sensitive communciation between each other.


  • To begin with, it is better to start movements just from the waist up until you become more adept at the game.

  • If you are in a mirrored studio, use the mirror to demonstrate to younger children how the reflection works.

  • This is a team effort.  It is the responsibility of the leader to keep his movements flowing smoothy so that the mirror can follow, and it is the mirror’s responsibility to focus on following the leader exactly.

  • It may be helpful to be aware that some children leaders will try to fool the mirror into making a mistake.  Be ready to address this by explaining the leader’s responsibility.

  • Partners should maintain eye contact, because if the leader looks away, the mirror will be forced to look away and will be unable to see the next movement.


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