Tuesday, December 12

Review of Chanel Allure

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I have this aunt who gave me a bottle of Chanel Allure. From that day on, the fragrance never failed to intrigue me. I am more or less a self made perfume expert but I have quite a difficulty creating an olfactory picture of Allure. Created by Jacques Polge in 1996, it seems to me that it was made to be a bottled complexity. It starts with a burst of citrus which is supposed to be its fresh-fruity-gourmand Facet. Calabrian citron and Mandarin make up this grand opening. Next comes the florals led by Jasmine, which is the signature floral note of Chanel. Jasmine gives it that timeless and elegant appeal. Magnolia, waterliy and honeysuckle provide more power to the floral facet of Allure making it more feminine and womanly.The final facet comes from Vanilla which renders it a bit woody, and musky and a bit soft around the edges as it lingers on the skin.

Allure is magical and unmistakable and not to mention sensual. If the ever changing nature of the fragrance is okay with you, it could make an unforgettable signature fragrance. Personally, I notice that the Fresh facet lasts for a few minutes and the over all impression it resonates is  woody vanillic. The floral tendency is noticeable only when a sudden breeze blows your way. It’s just there but not in-your-face there. It never putts you off with its presence. It is warmer when applied directly on the skin, and drier if applied on clothes. I recommend wearing it on  the back of the neck so that the scent comes through discreetly. It is sexier and more alluring that way. It is best worn in the office as it is subtle when used mildly. It is fabulous during colder months.

Allure I think is a one fragrance that chooses its wearer. It’s great if every woman can use Allure but due to its multi-faceted nature this is quite impossible. A perfect canvas for this fragrance is a basic to neutral ph skin. This would enable the wearer to experience Chanel Allure at its most wondeful.


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