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Hungary — An Incredible Country

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Hungary had a long, turbulent and glorious history. About 900 AD the Magyar tribes came from Russia and settled on the Great Plains.  After that they invaded by many powerful nations.  Before the  First World war they were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.   In the capital Budapest you still can see the evidence of this glorious past in buildings and artifacts in museums.

The Danube flows from north to south and cuts the country in half.  On the eastern side of the Danube are the Great Plains with rich, fertile soil.  This grows the best wheat in Europe and other crops such as melons, rice and tobacco.  On the Great Plains are splendid horses bread which invites horse lovers and horse riders.  The Hungarians are world famous for their horsemanship.  The Hussars which is the Hungarian .cavalry was copied by most of the armies, including the uniform.

In the west of the Danube is Europe’s largest lake — Lake Balaton.  It is a proper family holiday for any ages.  Great water sports and children’s club.  The surrounding countryside are rolling downs.

Many marshes are home to a great variety of birds and a bird watchers’ paradise.

In the north are the Carpathian Mountains which invite for hiking, biking, trekking and mountaineering.

Hungarian’s national dish is goulash which is made with paprika.  Paprika is not as hot as chillies and has more flavour.  Their food, wine and beer are more than well known and very reasonable priced.

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