Wednesday, December 13

How To Find Out If Someone Likes You

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Do they like me?
One of the tried & tested issues through relationship history has been finding out whether that girl or man you have pined over for years likes you or not.
Ought to you pluck up the bravery & ask them out, or is it alright to ask their mates in the event that they like you? This may appear simpler, but in fact, in the long run it is not the best way to find out in the event that they have a crush on you!

Ask Them Out!
I always recommend that you ask the person out, before it drives you crazy. It at least shows that you are serious. In the event that they say no, then it is their loss. And in the event that they say yes, then, well it can be the beginning of something stunning. Asking them out by their friends is basically a cowardly way to do it. So go on, bite the bullet and ask her/him out today!

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Its simple , if u fancy them, which hints do u give? taking a look at them & then looking away? the treat um man keepum keen thing. if a boy is rrely being niceto you & you are lovely to him & he suddenly turns disagreeable its not that he doesnt like you its the rules thing. heis trying to hint!!!.
Tell him/her directly…since both of u like each other & u already knew that he/she likes u..then juz tell him/her DIRECTLY how u feel!!!dun waste time anymore…act now!!!if u r a gal & ur cruch is a shy man..then u ought to take a move..or else..both of u won haf any chance…see…
I dnt thnk it is a gud idea for girls to tell the blokes that he likes him first… it is for a simple reason that the man may be turned off on her bcoz he will thnk shes aggressive & ol!! but there’s exemptions.. it ac2ally depends on the person n the first place… agree?.
What about if the girl is a close mate of yours & flirts with u. only now that she is single & u require her?

Also, if the guy/girl looks in to your eyes when you are speaking then it means that he/she trusts you and probably likes you. You ought to look in to her/his eyes when speaking also..
Yeah it perhaps hard to do it and ask them nose to nose in case you are like me and are mad about this boy/girl so go on every one can do it !!!.
What If a girl Keeps taking a look at you and he’s already said to other people that He Ain’t the type that goes out with boys but not ur face?.
In case you look in to a fellas eyes and his pupils are pulsing quickly it means he likes you


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