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Playing Guide For Facebook’s Mafia Wars Game

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Mafia Wars is created by Zynga that participants can play on Facebook if they add the application to their account. Here is provided the guideline about playing the Mafia Wars Game. This is the guide to help navigate the world of the mafia in Facebook’s Mafia Wars, tips and advice to get around the mafia world and start forming a mob.

The aim of the game is to become the most powerful mobster in NYC and abroad by completing jobs and fighting other mobsters with your own Mafia Family. The game is played in New York, Cuba, Moscow and will soon launch in Bangkok.

Tips to play Mafia Wars Game:

To play the game, first logging into your facebook account. If you do not register in the facebook, then get the application for Mafia Wars. If you begin a new game, you will need to complete some jobs before you can purchase any property in Mafia Wars. Complete some jobs get cash and click on the Properties tab from top of the Mafia Wars screen.

You will get the number of properties which you can purchase in Mafia Wars. The first lists of properties that you can purchase are undeveloped space. These properties will bring in small amounts of money and other players are unable to attack these locations.

Scroll down the list and you will see real properties that you can purchase in Mafia Wars. Every property takes a different type of immature space to make on so read during every property and make sure that you have the undeveloped space and enough money before you try to purchase each property.

Each type of property in Mafia Wars will take in a diverse amount of money every so often. Keep purchasing different properties and allow your money to build. As you grow through the game, you will need more luxurious items so make sure that you are purchasing as much property as possible in Mafia Wars on Facebook.

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