Sunday, December 17

How to Pick a Verizon Fios Bundle

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                Verizon FiOS is easily the most revolutionary thing to happen to home entertainment in the modern era, and for a very good reason: it crosses the digital divide that separates the web from the home theater.  What does that mean exactly?  It means that not only is every FiOS feature delivered via the Internet, it also means that the technologies can work together because they use the same data source: a fiber optic cable.  The question most people have when shopping for a Verizon FiOS bundle is just how to shop for what they want.  After all, there is so much to choose from.  Here is a basic guide with lots of useful advice:

  • Start by checking the price of your current landline phone, digital cable service, and/or broadband services and add these numbers together.  This should be a good measure of how much you should spend at the absolute most on a FiOS bundle.  In fact, you should probably be able to get more features at a lower price.

  • Start looking at the Verizon FiOS bundles that cost around this price point or less.  You should be able to find a Verizon FiOS bundle at a price point that is lower but still has comparable features.

  • Be wary of buying too much using this approach.  It is tempting to look for a plan that has a comparable price point, but you might end up with features you do not need and will not use.  That is not a bargain by any definition that I am aware of.

  • Instead, try looking at what the bundles contain and find the bundle that has at least 95% what you want.  The rest of what you want can be purchased a la carte.

  • Remember to look for a FiOS promotion code before finishing your shopping.  If there is a FiOS promotion code that is good for whatever you are looking for in terms of features, then you will save even more.

That’s it!  You’ve saved money and gotten great Verizon FiOS services!  Congratulations!  Maybe a pat on the back is in order?


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