Friday, December 15

Want to Save Money on Att Uverse?

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    Do you want to save money on ATT Uverse?  Of course you do!  Who would not want to save money on virtually anything that they were planning?  Here are some steps to successful save money on ATT’s premier broadband/digital entertainment package:

Look for a coupon

Believe it or not, there are many sites that offer anyone who visits a free ATT Uverse coupon. These coupons are just like regular coupons in that they have expiration dates, requirements, and may or may not be used with other deals.

Next, know what you want

If you spend some time looking through the various U-verse offerings, you should get a good grasp on what you want.  Due to the fact that there are simply so many offerings on tap, you probably should spend more time looking at which deals are offered via the latest ATT Uverse coupon or coupons.

Do you belong?

Some larger organizations such as the ARRP, military, Fraternal Order of Police, and large corporations offer pre-negotiated discounts on services offered by major companies.  There is no doubt that ATT qualifies as a large company, so if you belong to such an organization it is at least worth asking about a discount or special ATT Uverse coupon.

Get the facts and bundle

Bundling is the best way to save money on top of coupons.  Bundling means using more than one ATT Uverse service.  The more services you use, the more money you will save.  Why?  It is simple: big companies with huge advertising budgets and operating overhead need to recoup that cost on a per-customer basis.  The more a given customer buys, the greater their relative impact against the cost the company has already set aside to pay for their overhead.  Compare the price of bundling versus independently acquiring digital cable, telephone, and broadband services so you know the numbers.

Negotiation skills

There are many websites that deal with negotiation skills, but my personal favorite is silence.  When you get to the end of the sales call with the Uverse staff member, ask if that is the best deal they have.  If they say yes, then let silence reign until they break it.  Perhaps they are being honest, or perhaps they are protecting their commission.


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