Monday, December 11

Apple Iphone 4 Vs. Android Smartphone

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Apple and Google both moved up by 2 percent in the first quarter of 2010. The newest iPhone comes out in two weeks and the Android OS continues to deploy on better and better hardware; and both operating systems roll out exciting new features and innovations with each release.

Apple’s iPhone 4 vs. Android

  • The new iPhone has an updated design, with a thin 9.3-millimeter profile and a stainless steel shell.

  • The iPhone 4 boasts a new 326-DPI, 960-by-640 LCD display.

  • It’s faster than the 3GS, thanks to the addition of Apple’s custom A4 chip.

  • It has a better camera, plus a new front-facing camera that allows for (limited) video chat. Instead of just having icons littering your phone’s desktop (like the iPhone), the Android phone adds widgets to the desktop. These widgets tend to have an actual purpose. The The Android desktop is on a completely different level from the iPhone desktop. To compare them is actually unfair.

The study also shows that iPhone and Android users are very loyal to their brands. Nielsen says 80 percent of iPhone users want their next device to run the iPhone OS and 70 percent of Android users want another Android phone. Those numbers drop to 47 percent and 34 percent for RIM and Windows Mobile, respectively.

Apple has taken battery life extremely seriously in their careful development of the iPhone, and it’s shown. While Android devices get a kitchen-sink’s worth of features that you may consider to be a fair tradeoff for battery life, there’s little question that the iPhone’s battery life outlasts that of most Android devices.

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