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King of Wands Tarot Interpretation

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When interpretting tarot cards, I find it most useful to take note of the patterns of colors and the symbols involved in the picture. There are hundreds of things you can take notice of on your cards, but these are the most fundamental in readings. So let’s start with these two simple notions.

The King of Wands is surrounded mostly by Red and Yellow. In my readings, I use the colors of a card to relate to chakra colors, as this tends to lead me in the right direction sooner. Red is the color of the ROOT CHAKRA, located at the base of the spine and deals with our sense of security. Yellow is the color of our SOLAR PLEXUS, located just above the navel on the spine and it is responsible for our spiritual connection and ego.

Because the King in his thrown is not only smiling, but is in a reasonably good position in life (he is a King after all), that suggests to me that this card has to do with someone who is grounded, connected to his family (roots) and feels pretty secure with himself.

The wand or staff in his hand represents Air, which also reps POWER. Air has to do with magick and manifestations, which tells me that the yellow solar plexus energy surrounding this person give him a unique connection with the spirit, with manifestational abilities and with his ego. He is a decently happy person.

Now, because he is a Royal Card, this tells me that this card is most likely representing a person. It could be the querrent who is seeking counsel from you, or it could be someone in the querrents life. This man is fairly well endowed financially and is likely wrapped up in a lot of business.

Looking beyond the colors and direct symbolism, we see that the arms of the Kings thrown are carved out to look like Rams and the top of his thrown carries two golden Lions. These are easier symbols to interpret if you already have a thing for astrology or spirit totems. Just think about the animals and what you know about them.

Rams live in high places, are stubborn, have thick heads, are very stable, very dependable and not easily intimidated. The Ram is also the symbol of the astrological sign ARIES. So this person very well could have been born in the later part of March or early days of April.

Lions are the “King of the Jungle”, so this person is likely king of their particular jungle, even if it’s just when they are at home. Lions are also extremely courageous and brave. They can also be very stubborn, selfish and over dramatic. They have an insatiable appetite for life and find themselves constantly trying to maintain their place at the top. The lion might also symbolize the astrological sign of LEO. If this is so, among certain characteristics, you might likely find that this person could have a sort of “main” of hair, whether it be long and lush, or short and bushy around their head. Leo’s are born in the end of july or beginning of August.

Now, to go a little deeper. Behind the king of wands head is a half moon fan shape. This is typically summarized as the symbol the egyptian god RA took on, noting the the king is not only powerful, but he is likely going to be a fairly religious person. He is likely connected to old money and traditional ways. He might also be a bit “mystic”, or alternatively he could be involved in the “dark arts”.

On the kings chest plate, as well as on the back of his thrown, are some Salamanders. Now, these slick little creatures all have very different interpretations depending on the reader. I interpret them to be involved with dreams, things just out of sight or camoflauged. I also see them as a connection between two worlds, since they are known to be amphibious. This could show that the person might be a dreamer, or they could have had a dream that changed their perspective recently. You might try asking about any recent dreams they had.

It could also just be a characteristic of the person, suggesting that they are very good at connection people from different “worlds” or ways of life. Maybe he or she finds that they have to be the “middle person” between some family members or at work. Or maybe they work in customer service utilizing their strong conflict resolution skills.

Getting down to the last few symbols on this majestic card, we see that the King is Smiling, has his feet proped up on a pillow and that he is wearing a cape that has pomagranites on it. Because he is smiling, we can say this person is probably happy most of the time, or at least happy about their recent business dealings. Having his feet proped on a pillow shows that he enjoys comfort and the finer things in life. The cape of Pomegranites is a symbol of the priestess and it is likely that this King of Wands is very connected with her. This could be his mother, or an older woman figure in his life. The pomegranites are also a symbol of life and magick. They are associated with the summer season and the time when persephone would come back to the upper level and mother nature would bring back the warmth and longer days.

Last but not least, I would like to make note that although I often refer to this card as a “he” because the picture is of an a man, that does not necessarily mean it will be a man. It could be a rather masculine type woman, or it could just be a female in a position we would traditionally know as a mans position, such as in her career.

Being that said, a typical reading would suggest this person is a middle aged or elder man, in a position of power, who likes business, has a relatively good attitude about life and was either born in the spring or born in the summer. He or she likes things that are occult, although it might just be in secret, they enjoy luxury and doing well for others around them. They are brave, courageous, stubborn, demanding, laid back, smart and connected to their divine source. They likely also have a mother trauma involved in their past or present.


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