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How a Search Engine Optimization Specialist Can Help Boost Your Online Business

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Every one who has an online business wants to be in the top ten results that is generated on the first page of a search and they usually employ the services of a search engine optimization specialist to help them get it done; Google is the world’s most popular search engine and as such more prospective customers will search Google for a website that offers the type of product or service that they require. It is known that most persons, who conduct a web search, will select a website from the first page of results that is loaded, very rarely would we skip to the next page and more often that not we never pass the second page for any one keyword or key phrase.

Most major search engines use a spider or a crawler to automatically visit websites and give it an index based on its findings, new websites will be added and old ones will be updated.  While no one is fully aware of the Google algorithm, there are still some guide lines that a search engine optimization specialist can give you to help you move toward the top ten rank, so that when a search is done on the keywords for your website, you will appear on the first page.

While the incorporation of keywords into meta tags are useful, you should not assume that you are now on your way to becoming a part of the top ten, the fact is that method was being over used by spammers and Google have decided to not look at Meta tags any longer.

Instead try to make your focus be on having a powerful home page with good content.  You should ensure that your entire website is friendly to the search engines, while the use of flash and heavy graphics are pretty and gives you an attractive website, it will not serve any purpose if you cannot get the visitors to come to it, those types of websites are not search engine friendly and will not yield you in the top ten. Try to use plain old HTML and other database driven platforms when creating your websites, this makes them easier to indexed by most popular search engines including Google.

When you are developing your business and your online market, you should have already made consideration for the keywords or key phrases that you plan to utilise. The fact is, when your web pages for your website are to be optimised, this cannot be done without the use of the correct and well thought out keywords or key phrases. Also try to incorporate your main keyword in the titles of your web pages; this will help to optimize your website, but try to not optimize for over two keywords for each page.

Your search engine optimization specialist will ensure that your website has a Google sitemap and submit it for you.


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