Monday, December 18

Which Pony Wins The Race? 2011 Mustang Gt, Camaro Ss, Challenger Srt8

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Okay, here goes nothing.

The Dodge Challenger SRT-8 goes from 0-60 in 4.8 seconds. 1/4 mile equals 13.3 seconds at 106 mph. This is pretty good for a big hefty car like the Challenger. Kudos to Dodge! The Camaro SS runs from 0-60 in 4.7 seconds and 1/4 mile equals 13.1 seconds at 110 mph. A good look for the Chevrolet. The 2011 Ford Mustang GT runs 0 to 60 in 4.4 seconds! Its quarter mile runs 12.7 seconds at 113 mph! So the Mustang takes it. Although the Dodge came in last, it’s still MY favorite. The reason for this is because it’s beautiful. In my opinion, it looks the best out of the three ponys. I love how it’s a blast from the past and how Dodge kept the look and just made it more modern. The interior of the Challenger could be improved greatly as it looks like any other Dodge on the inside. It’s a heavy car so some of that horsepower doesn’t really matter. Overall, I still love it. 

Many people will argue that the Chevrolet Camaro is the best performing and best looking out of the three. I can respect that opinion as I used to think that too. Chevrolet has really outdone themselves with the Camaro. It’s styled really nicely and also has a retro look to it. The V6 alone gives 300+ horsepower. I got the chance to drive one for my prom and the interior is really nice. It has a nice luxury feel. The car has many positive reports on safety so that’s a plus. The only problem I really had with the Camaro was that it was kind of hard for me to see out of the windshield even with the seat raised all the way up. Other than that, if I had the money, I’d definitely buy this car as it is cheaper than Challenger and pretty nice performance for a V6.

The 2011 Ford Mustang GT has a 5.0 liter engine and about 412 horses. That’s 100 horses more than last year’s GT. This Mustang GT has got to be the quickest out of them all. The GT is lighter than both the Camaro and the Challenger. Being so light makes handling a lot easier. There’s not many bad things you can say about it. Even though it’s my least favorite out of the three, it’s still AWESOME.

Well, these are my opinions on the cars. Share yours if you would like.



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