Thursday, December 14

Nintendo Wii: No Future?

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The Nintendo wii on release instantly became a a best seller, Some say it was due to Nintendo limited supply but it quickly left all other consoles in it’s dust ps3/Xbox360.It had innovative motion controls  and rather limited major tittles But they where MAJOR! some of the best selling titles ever Mario,Zelda and Pokemon. The Wii inspired some of the most addictive and damaging (literary) mini and party games . But in the wake of  Sony’s Move and Microsoft’s Natal the sun seems all but set on our little hero.

True the Wii has some awesome titles as mentioned before but will that be enough? When your competitors duplicate your bread and butter but offer a 4 course meal. Sony has always been top when it comes to control’s, so we know the Move will work flawlessly and Natal will all but eliminate any traditional control’s altogether. But lets face it the motion controls is the only thing that set the Wii apart.

So what will drive us back better yet developers to the Wii? True there is Mario Galaxy 2 and a new Zelda on the horizon.But whats the draw for 3rd party developers who want to dabble in motion control’s.With the Ps3 and 360 They will have more room, freedom and graphics power to shoot for the stars and if their is a port made it’s going to be a watered down version.True all ports to the Wii have been….”Lacking” But now it won’t only be in graphics and content but also in controls.


So as i see it….the future for the Wii does not look so hot….but this is just one mans opinion so i’d love to here what you all have to say


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