Friday, December 15

Subconscious Mind Power – How Does Our Mind Work?

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Our universe works on law, so does our mind. Our mind works on the law of belief. The belief of our mind is the thought of our mind and nothing else.

There are 2 levels of mind – the conscious mind and subconscious mind. By studying the interaction between our conscious mind and subconscious mind, you learn how our mind works.

Our conscious mind is the master of our mind whereas our subconscious is the labor. Our conscious mind does all the thinking and makes decisions based on what it believes to be good or bad, true or false. Whatever decision made will be passed unto our subconscious mind.  

Our subconscious mind is subject to our conscious mind that is why it is called subconscious or subjective mind. It takes order from our conscious mind and accomplishes the order given. The law of subconscious mind works for good and bad ideas alike. It cannot reason and hence cannot differentiate a thought is good or bad, true or false but accepts the thought based upon what our conscious mind believes it to be.

When our conscious mind assumes something as bad, even though it may be good, our subconscious mind will accept it as bad and proceed to bring about the bad results.  For example, when our conscious mind believes something as threatening, the negative emotions resides in our subconscious mind will be released and fill the conscious mind with fear, panic and anxiety.

Whatever our conscious mind habitually think sinks down into our subconscious mind and that thinking will be manifested. So, when you think good, good will be your reward; when you think bad, bad will be your reward. This is the way our mind works. 

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