The Gift of Praying for Your Pastor

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Praying for the pastor of your church is the most important thing you can do for them. With all the responsibility they carry, and the many things they have to do, not to mention having a family life, the pastor’s life is usually a plateful.

In regards to responsibilities, the pastor is usually involved in many committees and projects of the church. Meetings are usually in the evening, so a good chunk of family time is taken away because of meetings. They are also the spiritual leader of the church. Pray that God gives your pastor discernment as they help their congregation grow spiritually. Visiting those who are sick or suffering in another manner is one of the responsibilities of the pastor along with other leadership in the church. May mercy and grace run through your pastor as they offer compassion to those who are hurting. Giving vision to the church is another responsibility of the pastor. Pray that clear vision be given and that it is communicated clearly and passionately to the church.

In regards to family, pray that family time be protected for your pastor. Pray that their marriage be kept strong. Pray that the children (if any) have quality time to be with their parent. Pray for safety and health for the pastor and family. Pray that their financial needs are met.

You may want to set aside a time to pray for the pastor, or perhaps gather with others for the focus of praying for the pastor. Ask your pastor for specific requests that you can pray for realizing the confidentiality of these requests. Pray for the pastor before they give a sermon that God will anoint the message. Pray that someone will come to know Christ through the words spoken.

Pray scripture for your pastor inserting their name where applicable. (i.e., Hebrews 6:10 That God will not forget the work of Pastor Smith…). Also, pray for your pastor’s encouragement, peace, joy, safety from spiritual attack and anything else God lays on your heart to pray.

The gift of prayer is priceless. You will be blessed as you bless your pastor in prayer.


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