Monday, December 18

Straight Up Truth

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Two things will give you an edge over the legions of guys (and gals) who are on the exact same warpath as we are. The most important of the two is education. Plain and simple, if you do not obtain a bachelor’s or associate’s degree you will have all but eliminated your chances of a job in video game design.

You can save yourself a ton of time, we’re talking years, by seeking a game design degree. Use this article as a spring board and check out some of the online courses in game development available today. See which schools help with job placement and check out where their graduates are working today.

The other important factor in transforming from a gamer into a game developer is industry experience.

I’ll be honest, but in the game development field, the label of Lead Game Designer is the top most sought after position in the entire industry. Everyone from the testers to the modelers, the writers and the coders, even the guy fixing the fax machine, is in their respectful positions for two reasons: To earn income and to get their foot in the door.

You. Must. Get. Your. Foot. In. The. Door. Period. Actually thats like eight periods, but still…

Look, if you live in Texas or southern California, or another city where there is a game studio, find a job as a tester. Be professional. Make your reports concise. Do not be late for work. Stay later than required, even if you don’t get payed for the extra time. Show initiative but don’t look like you’re trying too hard to impress. Interact with the video game design team and most importantly… network yourself.

This is called work ethic, or the amount of effort seen in an employee’s performance of his or her duties. People with good work ethic, get the good jobs, the good money, and the good life. Work ethic is of paramount importance in a field like video game design that is heavily relied on deadlines and reputation.

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