Tuesday, December 12

Proud to be an Abuse Survivor

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When someone survives cancer, a car accident or a natural disaster their achievement is celebrated. When war heroes return, their survival is honored with parades. They not only get support from friends and family, but entire communities.

Abuse survivors suffer in silence far too often. Nobody sees their struggle, no one sees their strength. Not everyone is proud to be an abuse survivor, but they should be.

We might not want to spread the news that we have been victims of violence to all corners of the earth,but  it really is something we have every right to be proud of, even if we only admit this to ourselves.

When you’ve seen the darkest moments that life has to offer and have still found the strength to continue on you should be proud of yourself. Although it may be difficult to convince ourselves that we are survivors, that progress was still worth it.

We’re still here and still fighting.

We do not need to be proud of the abuse we have suffered, or we risk developing a victim mentality. When we wallow in past abuse, we allow to control us and our future. We keep suffering.

We are not victims, we are survivors.

That survivor spirit makes us a family. This spirit is there, if you are looking for it, that spirit lives inside of all survivors. It is a force that moves us forward, while most give up. It is a way to find the light hidden in the darkest night. It is the knowledge that there is goodness, even if all we sometimes see is the bad, the good is still out there.

If you have not yet reached the point of seeing yourself as a survivor, don’t worry. Just know that somewhere in there that strength exists. That strength to continue on in spite of adversity. The power to see what others are afraid to see.

Your survivor spirit can be one of the most powerful forces you possess, when you finally realize that it is not your abuse, but your spirit that should lead your journey.

From victim, to survivor, to thriver, the choice is yours. If you need help finding that survivor spirit, you don’t have to do it alone, nobody ever has to do it alone. Just reach out your hand…


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