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Can You Get Pregnant on Your Period

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I think the baby will change, because this child, your lifestyle, etc. .. change is very good, but not much. Now you feel like a child is really what you want in the first place, forget all your worries, all philosophical questions about … And the baby.

You’re ready. I can not promise that everything will be easy, not only during pregnancy, every day shine like a flower .. .. There will be a very bad day. You feel tired, hundreds of questions and go through your head, back pain, and he was not sure after the birth of a child, you can reuse that beautiful black dress that I love. Are you ready to give birth. You want a baby more than anything else in life, even more than some Barbie toys you asked for in the fifth grade. It is your decision and that decision will change your life. You have to think positively, and only the positive aspects of life to see a pregnant woman … is always positive.

Do not remove the problems and back pain, but it helps a lot. And if you can choose what time of year is better than getting pregnant … Choose your favorite radio station, number 9.1, then one month you become pregnant, should be responsible for the last few months, usually the worst, most boring, for the time you want. I always think positive … I wish you all the best for your child … and probably the next … —– To help you understand more about pregnancy and thus increase the chances of conception, the distribution of the female menstrual cycle. The best time to become pregnant in this time of ovulation.

During ovulation, an egg from the ovary and then fertilized in the fallopian tube. Currently zgušnjava to prepare the uterus for fertilization. If the eggs are fertilized due to the menstrual lining shed. To learn when the best time to get pregnant, it is best to find out when you ovulate, because this is the best time to understand. A popular way to find out whether you ovulate counting the days.

If an average of 28 days cycle, about 14 days in your cycle when you ovulate, so around that day will be the best time for the child. To find out where you can start at the beginning of your cycle (day session), and count forward or the date of the next period and count 12-16 days to know. To use this method, you must know how long the cycle and the relatively regular cycles.

To find out when ovulation may draw attention to changes in your body. If the cervical mucus becomes clear, smooth and flexible is the best time to get pregnant. It protects the sperm and is on track to fallopian tubes. Increased body temperature can predict when you ovulate, but can not say exactly that growth will tend to vary from 0.5 to 1.6 degrees.

You have won, AOT can feel, but can be detected by using a basal thermometer. Abdominal pain or discomfort may also indicate ovulation. Approximately one fifth of the women who can really feel that the activity in the ovaries, which can vary from slight movement of pain and discomfort. It may take several minutes to several hours.

You can also buy a test for predicting ovulation, when you’re ovulating, it is probably most accurate way to find the best time for sex to predict. Once you know whether they are ovulating, it is better to have sex for 1-2 days before ovulation and again on the day of ovulation. This gives you more chances to get pregnant!


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