Friday, December 15

Buhay Pinay Nurse (Life of a Filipina Nurse)

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Being a Pinay or Filipina nurse isn’t easy. You get to experience sleepness nights when you were still a student because you have to keep with the standards being imposed to you by your college or else you end up pursing another degree or worst being out of school.

Graduating from a nursing degree is really rewarding. It opens to more challenges and expectations and we are expected to be always ready. The struggles of a nurse didn’t end upon graduation in fact we are to face the challenge of passing the Licensure Exam for Nurses just to practice our degree. We have to open our books and stay up late studying everything. We have to sit for 8 hours in the review centers and listen to our lecturers. We are lucky if we have interesting lecturers but would really curse if we have those boring speakers.

The Licensure Exam is something that I won’t dare repeat. I couldn’t put myself to sleep the night before the exam and couldn’t even eat breakfast before going to the testing area. The tension was really overwhelming. After the exam, I had stiff neck and I couldn’t help but think about the test questions and if whether I have shaded the space that would indicate which set of test I had taken. 

Then, we passed the Licensure Exam. It was really a fantastic experience. We received congratulations from everyone and we even had a blast. What happened after? What is our next plan?

We will then be very busy processing our license and attending seminars to upgrade our knowledge and skill. What’s next? Hmmm… 

Hospital hunting! That’s it! We will be very busy looking for hospitals who will accept us, the unexperienced nurses. Unluckily, these hospitals won’t hire us to be staff nurses instead they’ll offer us a program. We will be volunteer nurses in exchange of the certificate they can issue and the experience we’ll gain. Others they pay to the hospitals so that they can be accommodated in the program. 

There are so many battles a nurse has to win. We are trapped here unemployed and as professionals and as a family member, we have our duties to our family even though they’re not imposing them.  We have to help them that’s why many of the nurses are tempted to get a student visa from other countries like the United Kingdom by spending much and earn a little for a stressful duty, get employment from the middle east sacrificing the distance just to bridge this gap. For others who don’t have the chance to work abroad for some reasons would end up teaching English for Koreans and others in the call center.

This is the scenario of the nursing profession in the country. It is the painful truth. Registered nurses are unemployed and we’re all groping in the dark. I wonder if the sun would still shine for us.. Keep praying…

Kudos to all the Pinay nurses! Congratulations for all the sacrifices you’ve done to keep this profession alive. 


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