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How to Play Mexican

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Set up

You will need a lot of something to drink, best thing is the beer, but other drinks are fine if you don’t drink too much.

Also needed are glasses to drink from, three dice, a cup to throw dice with and people to play with. Any number of player will do, but the best thing is to have a large group.

Agree before you begin on what “a drink” is, or in other words, how much of beer a player must consume when he is penitalised with one drink. Be advised if you make this amount too big, you will NOT be having fun for a lot longer.


The game procedes as following:

Choose one player in whatever manner you wish to throw first. That player throws the dice with a cup and peaks under the cup to see what the throw is, but preventing everyone else from doing so. He can then state out loud what he’s throw is, or he can lie and claim he throw a different thing. Next, a player to the left of him states if he believes this statement or not. In case that he believes it, he then takes the dice and repeats everything in the same manner as the first player, but he must make a better throw then the first player. If he throws worse or the same, he can lie, or he can admit this and have a drink, after which he passes the dice to the left and everything starts over. If he states he throw better, the player on the left has the same option of believing or not, and if he believes he throws again trying to make a better throw and the game goes on like this until someone admits to throw less then the previous player or until one player says that the statement of the player to his right is a lie.

Note that if a player lies and the next player believes him, he will have to throw better then what the player before him said he throw and NOT what he actually did throw.

When a player doesn’t believe the player before him, he calls him a liar and lifts the cup to reveal the dice. If he indeed is a liar, then he must take 2 drinks. If he told the truth, then the other player takes 2 drinks.


The numbers on the 3 dice that you throw are ordered from the highest to the lowest to produce a 3-digit number which you will then state. Higher the number, better the throw. Example:

if you throw a 2, a 5 and a 4, you will state 542.

Note that although a 2, a 5 and a 4 add up to 11, this throw is not better then a throw of a 1, a 2 and a 6 which add up to 9, because this throw is a 621, and 621 is a larger 3-digit number then a 542.

If you happen to throw same number on all 3 dice, that will beat any throw that is not composed of same 3 numbers.

So, a 111 beats 654. But, also 222 beats 111, since 2 is higher then 1.

The Mexican

The Mexican is a throw of 321 and it beats everything else. It is the ultimate throw and it carries the same punishment and fun for those not being punished by it.

When a player throws the Mexican, he must take the die upon which the number 1 is rolled, but he must do so as to show everyone he doesn’t turn the die. Best thing to do is move the cup into position in which it will cover the other 2 dice, but reveal the die with 1 on it. Then place that die on top of the cup. This signifies the throw of the Mexican.

Ofcourse, a player may lie that he throw the Mexican, but to do that you must have a 1 on atleast one die, which you will then place on the cup.

And now for the punishment that the Mexican yields. The player to the left of the Mexican states if he believes it or not. If he does he takes the punishment. If he does not believe it and the Mexican is valid, he then takes double punishment. Also, if he doesn’t believe it and the Mexican was not thrown, then the liar takes the punishment (a single one).

Note that, if the player believes it to be the Mexican, he takes the punishment whether or not the Mexican is real.

To determin the punishment, the person to be punished takes the cup with the die on top and tries to throw the die in the air from the top of the cup, and then catch it into the cup on its way down.

If succesful, turn the cup on the table and reveal the throw. The number on the die is the number of the drinks you need to take (or twice that, if the punishment was double).

If unsuccesful in catching the die, take the two dice from the table and throw them in the cup and turn it on the table. Reveal the throw. The sum of the numbers on these dice is the number of drinks (or double if such punishment).

So, the punishment can be as few as 1 drink (catching the die and throwing a 1), or as many as 24 drinks (not believing in Mexican, not catching the die, and throwing a 66).

That’s the game. Always remember to give the dice to the left and don’t drink too much. Have fun!


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