Not Just Words

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There not just words you know
Written down on a page
They speak also of feelings
That were felt through the age
You can make what you want of it
But you set the stage
Take a look around you now
Tell me what you see
Can you believe a man died for us
Used love as his key
And all he had asked then
Was” Love just like me”
We should hang our heads down
Be drowned in our shame
Cause a man died for nothing
They’ve forgotten his name
What do you say when your through
And you try to explain
Well he said so long ago
There was peace to be found
But they laughed in his face
And they nailed him down
Will someone forgive us
When were laid in the ground?
You were a fool to think
That you could change them
You should have saw it
Way back then
Now your cross is nothing more
Then a symbol of a dream
Do you sometimes wonder
If you could of done a little better
Performed another miracle or two
Do you sometimes wonder That it might of just been vanity
Or was it just because you were you?
Well, I’ve seen you walking’ down
The street in your “Beggar Clothes”
And I’ve seen you when you’re walking’
All wrapped in golden robes
I’ve seen you when you’re trying’
To make an issue clear
And I’ve seen you kneel down
To dry a child’s tears
Have you ever thought about just giving’ up?
Our minds are so small
To waste the time at all

I’d say we’re never going to find the way
They heard your wasted words
And thought them to be absurd
Please tell me what more could you say?
So they sit back and wage their war
While they search for the never more
How many times can you tell
The death that awaits us in hell
We never believed it’s existence anyway
The years swiftly fly by
And our souls slowly arrive
Will you forgive us and permit us to stay
I couldn’t blame you if you didn’t
But you there, please remember
We’ve felt the cold December
And met death on the road face to face
This time we only ask
That you forget about our past
And spare us, please, a small and empty space
Well we’d appreciate it if you could
Be born, be born
Be born in the morn of tomorrow
Save us from our sorrow
The time we couldn’t borrow
Light your light of love
And set us free
Cause we’re chained to your vanity
A wasted insanity
And we’re lost
Try to see the sunrise
Through new eyes
Let your old ways of hate pass away
There are too many tears
And too many years
Since he said what he had to say
Listen to the birds
They still speak their words
It’s true, they heard all they said
It’s all still the same
Nothing has changed
Except that the meaning is dead
They’re not just words, you know?
Written down on a page
They speak also of feelings
That were felt through the age
You can make what you want of it
But you set the stage
And his Cross remains the symbol
Of a dream.


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