Improve your Photography – Understanding Exposure and Light

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SLR  = Single Lens Reflex

EV = Exposure Value

AV = Aperture Value

TV = Time Value

ISO = Film Speed

Exposure is measuring and balancing of light.  The photographer can control how much natural light reaches the film by adjusting the cameras shutter, aperture or film speed.

The moment of exposure

Most of the time the inside of the camera is totally dark.  When a photograph is taken the camera opens and the light from outside floods in through the lens, lights is projected onto the film to make exposure.

Measuring light – technical exposure

A good technical exposure will produce a final image that accurately represents the original scene

Balancing light – artistic exposure

Just to make things interesting, in any situation there are several camera settings the give exactly the brightness but with very different outcomes. 

Factors to gain the right exposure:

  1. Light falling on the subject
  2. Film speed (ISO)
  3. Lens aperture
  4. Shutter speed
  5. Filters used
  • If the shot is exposed too long it will look washed out = overexposed
  • If the shot is exposed too short it will be too dark = underexposed

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