Monday, December 18

A Review of The Book Eragon

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At the age of 15, Christopher Paolini started writing Eragon. Christopher’s passion for science fiction and fantasy shines. I encourage anybody who loves fantasy or sciencefi fiction to pick up this hefty sized book. A little bit of spoilers is involved.

The protagonist, Eragon, is a young boy who works on a farm. He was out hunting when he found a mysterious blue stone. He attempts to trade the stone for food to help his family but no success. Eragon had no idea, that the stone would one day hatch into a amazing dragon.

Eragon then secretly cares for the dragon every day in a cave. When his father was killed by evil monsters called Ra’Zac, he learns that he is the last of the Dragon Riders and that his dragon has chosen him to be its master.

Hunting for those who killed his father, he finds out on his way that avengeance is not the only thing in his way. The whole empire is relying on him.

Eragon and Saphira (His Dragon) set out in Alagaesia, they meet dwarves, elves, and enemies called Urgals. Eragon must battle in wars, fight enemies, learn new languages, and magical powers. He gets stuck in perilous situations and battles.

Like many other fantasy books, there are many languages, names, and palces. Maps are glossaries are layed out and provided to help clear up any questions.

The book is a absoloute must read if you are a fantasy/sci-fi lover. There is also sequels that are just as amazing to read. The book has it’s twists and turns, a sense of mystery that keeps you flipping through pages. The book is also great for young readers. The movie was a very bad depictation of the book, and I recommend reading the book first then the movie.


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