Sunday, December 17

Gaining Muscle in a Matter of Days

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There’s always been a crave about looking good and looking fit. Having a slim body or having abs. There’s many ways to get in shape, but probably the hardest but fastest way is to train your legs. If you want to tone up, gain muscle, or maybe even a girlfriend, train your legs. Most people don’t, and if you do you’re doing yourself a huge favor. There are many ways to train your legs, but the most intensive must be squats. To gain more muscle on your upper body, there’s dead lifts, pull ups, bench pressing and even squats too. Taking care of yourself is also healthy, have a great diet, eat breakfast, watch what you eat. Even jogging or walking will do a bit of service. The only person that’s going to take care of you after you’re finished school is yourself.

Going to a gym is very helpful, you can learn techniques and get help from experienced people. Make sure you have the right technique, don’t do anything far past your capibilities. To train your whole body, I prefer squats. This is a hard workout but results are rewarding. For warming up, you do 2×10 reps of squats with light weights. After that, you get to the tough workout where you do 10×10 reps of squats with medium weights. Try to finish as fast as you can under 30 minutes. Don’t be discouraged if you cannot finish the squats, control your breathing and break past your mental barrier to reach new limits. Make sure you have a power cage to help you, if you cannot do it anymore drop the weights on the safety bar. First, have it set so it’s comfortable for you.

If you’re still lost, youtube has amazing videos that show you how to do a proper squat. Squats are probably the hardest excersise to do. I’m not responsible for any harm or problem you happen to come by.


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